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To say that Michael Steele is nothing more than a lapdog for the Republican Party would be nothing less than an insult to conservative canines around the world. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Steele was brought into the organization to bring more minorities to the party of small government and fiscal conservatism, a task at which he has been an astounding failure.

In blindly supporting the masters that feed him, he has served only to alienate the Grand O’ Party from the people that they need the most, and in his downplaying and concentration bouncing of former President Carter’s comment, the divide is only going to widen. Commenting to members of the media earlier today, the 21st century Uncle Tom displayed his bionic A$$-kissing skills, claiming that the Democrats’ claims of racism against President Obama are nothing less than a “pathetic distraction by Democrats to shift attention away from the President’s wildly unpopular government-run healthcare plan.”

“Characterizing American’s disapproval of President Obama’s policies as being based on race is an outrage and a troubling sign about the lengths Democrats will go to disparage all who disagree with them,” said the quintessential puppet and all-around lame duck jackass.

Many democrats, including Tim Kaine as well as several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are now voicing their concerns over the obvious racial undercurrent that is prompting unwarranted attempts to undermine, discredit, and outright attack President Obama and the legitimacy of his position as President of the United States.