Michael Steele is no stranger to political controversy. Like most Republicans, the national spotlight seems to shine brightest on the Chairman of the Republican National Committee when he is embroiled in some sort of scandal or news worthy hoopla, followed usually by an even more polarizing self-inflicted wound. Be that as it may, Steele has never been one to talk bad about his own party; never has he been one to admit wrong doing, that is, until now.

Recently, the head of America’s “Grand Ol’ Party” appeared on conservative talk radio host Vincent David Jericho’s show to discuss a few issues plaguing the once powerful political party. After many cordialities, the direction of the show quickly changed as Missouri’s #1 conservative radio host went on a vicious verbal tirade against several of the RNC’s head honchos, with Steele lambasted as nothing more than an ignorant figurehead opting to passively agree with him.

“I’m not just some voice flapping in the wind. I am speaking for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans who are feeling the same way. For God sakes, the Republican Party is supposed to stand for something. Why don’t they stand up and lead?,” said the political shock jock.

Not far after his initial statement, Jericho moved to dissect the party name by name, starting with House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio. “…Boehner and some of these guys are a joke. And you can’t say anything. They are an absolute freaking joke,” a statement to which Steele replied, “I’m 1,000 percent with you.”

The assault continued with Missouri’s candidate for the Senate, Roy Blunt, entrenched firmly in Jericho’s crosshairs. “I mean, here is a guy that has committed adultery multiple times…Guys like Papa Blunt make us sick to our stomach,” to which Steele feverishly disputed by saying “Look, now don’t…I mean, I agree with you”

In other Republican news, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina may have a chance to keep his marriage after speculation that it would soon be coming to an end. Reports have surfaced saying his wife is interested in working to reconcile with her husband, citing that she would like to be able to say that she did everything that could possibly be done to work things out with the Governor. After a weeklong absence in June, the Governor admitted to having an extramarital affair with another woman in Argentina; he has since claimed that woman as his “soul mate.”

Mrs. Sanford is has taken a family-owned coastal residence as her temporary home pending the future of her marriage.

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