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Things are not going too well for Mitt Romney. On one hand, he has out-raised President Obama in campaign funds, more than once, and garnered a small but noteworthy lead in the polls; but the last few months have been nothing short of a bumpy ride.

In the race for electoral votes, Romney continues to trail his opponent, and things have pretty much slid downhill from there. As the public can see, the former governor is building his campaign on the strength that Obama has weakened the economy so badly, that he does not deserve a second chance. Standing on a business background that has catapulted his net worth above the $100 million mark, Romney works to show that he is prepared to lead the country out of financial despair—but the job is proving to be harder than he may have anticipated.

With the Republican National Convention in his political rearview mirror, and a presidential debate on the horizon, Romney still has work to do. In light of the many embarrassing headlines that he’s grabbed before (and after) prevailing as the official Republican choice for president during the RNC, we’ve pulled out a few that were just too damaging to pass up.

Not to completely massacre his dreams, but it’s pretty clear that Romney won’t be taking the seat in the oval office that he’s been hoping for, and here are seven struggle moments proving our theory.


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