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#CocaineConvention Trends Follow Don.Jr & His Girlfriend's RNC Speeches

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

The Republican National Convention was on a whole different wavelength than last week’s virtual Democratic National Convention.

If you just happened to tune in to the sh*t show that was the RNC, it pretty much came off like each speaker was painting some kind of apocalyptic version of America if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the White House. Keep in mind if you turn on the news daily, that’s precisely what is going on in Trump’s America, oh, and there is COVID-19 still ravaging the country.

Anyway, two speeches, in particular, caught the attention of viewers. Immediately during and after rants from Donald Trump’s son Don Jr. and his girlfriend, Trump’s Senior Campaign Advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle #CocaineConvention began trending on Twitter.

During Guilfoyle’s “speech,” viewers were hilariously perplexed after she basically shouted her entire bizarre rant ridiculously claiming Democrats were coming for American’s freedoms. The moment, of course, became a meme with many mocking her closing statements, which she felt she had to scream at the top of her lungs to get out.

Don Jr. followed up his girlfriend later on in the night of taped speeches, and users couldn’t help but notice Donald Trump Jr’s insanely glossy eyes. Many immediately believed he must have hit a few bumps of booger sugar or dipped in dad’s stash of Adderall before he stepped up to the podium.

It was a night full of zany conspiracy theories, outright lies, and putting out “Sunken Place Sambos” in an attempt to woo Black voters. If you think that worked, we have a bridge in Brooklyn on sale. This was only night one, by the way. You can peep all the reactions to the “cocaine convention” in the gallery below.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

1. Lol how about both honestly ?

2. Somehow he will paint last night as successful.

3. All of the drugs.

4. A very rare win in the year 2020.

5. Sounds about right to me.

6. Yes we did!

7. L O L

8. High chance he was.

9. The accuracy.

10. Possibly ALL OF IT


12. Not the cocaine residue on her nose LOL