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New York has survived the heat wave but it is still hot outside. A couple put a dollar store employee in a chokehold during a robbery in The Bronx.

As per The New York Post a worker was roughed up after a failed heist last week. On Sunday, August 21 two unidentified would be shoppers entered the Family Dollar store on Webster Avenue near East 168th Street in the Morrisania section. They racked up about $400 dollars worth of merchandise. A 23-year-old employee was watching the caper the entire time through the shop’s security camera. “They had cleaning stuff, tissues, everything. They had everything from inside the store,” she said.

When she confronted the thieves things got physical and the female culprit struck the worker and eventually put her in a choke hold. “I was physically assaulted in front of people, and I had to defend myself in front of kids,” the shaken victim told news site. “I was scared to come back to work because they might know me,” revealed. “They can hurt me — I still work here.”

Unfortunately for her she will have to run the risk of seeing the thieves again as the Family Dollar is her primary place of employment. “We need some more security, and we need the strongest ones because this is getting worse,” she explained. “The area is not good. We have a lot of [homeless] shelters here, and it’s the shelter people come in here [from] and steal stuff.”

This is not the first time this location has been hit. Earlier this year an employee was slashed by a different set of crooks. You can see the incident below.