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Note to all Busta Rhymes fans; keep your hands off the dungeon dragon. The Native Tongue MC recently checked a woman and her man for getting too handsy.

As per The New York Post the Brooklyn, New York native had to stop mid performance to gather up a set of fans who were doing way too much and not enough all at once. During his set at recent show Bus was getting some rather inappropriate attention from an unidentified female fan. After a couple of unwelcome grabs he addressed her in signature fashion.

“Ayo, shorty, you’re with your man, right?” he asked rhetorically. But before she could respond he put her significant other on notice. “That’s your girl? What kind of sh*t are you on that you’re gonna let her continue to grab me up?”

It seems his patience hit bottom and the chastisement was taken to another level; respectfully. “See, I’m a grown man. I’ll f–k your girl, bro. I don’t want to f–k your girl,” he said as the crowd looked in awe. “Tame your girl.”

Later during the set he further clarified his response citing that this could have been an entrapment ploy. “This is a weird day, a weird time,” he asserted. “She touched me and sh*t y’all got them little funny ass camera phones [filming], and I don’t agree with that. She might do some police sh*t. I’m not with it.”

You can see the clip below.