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The love affair with Jay-Z’s latest verse on DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” continues to go strong as LeBron James becomes the latest big name to give Hova his flowers and even earned a response from the God MC himself in the process.

It began when LeBron James tweeted an MSNBC segment which praised Jay-Z for referencing the failed drug war that caused much racial profiling across America with a caption that read “Listen! Then listen again to make sure you got the point. HOV DID!!!! And so did the reporter!” Seeing the tweet from the NBA legend, Jay-Z made a rare appearance on the social media site to respond to James by simply saying “My only goal is to make the real “ones” feel seen , forgive me that’s my passion talking ….. haa .”

We lowkey miss the Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z’s “Haha!” Just sayin.’

The response comes after MSNBC reporter and Hip-Hop fanatic, Ari Melber broke down the roots behind Jay-Z’s “forgive me that’s why passion talking” line on the DJ Khaled cut and the significance behind the entire verse in pretty damn good detail. Showcasing how that particular line came from an exchange between Louis Farrakhan and reporter, Mike Wallace after the Honorable Minister lost his cool for a second while discussing racism in America, the segment also shed light on how some of Jay’s lines had multiple meanings.

It was pretty dope stuff. Shout out to Ari Melber.

Jay even discussed his verse with Genius‘ Rob Markman and DJ Khaled and reveals that what he’s most proud of is that “every word I said in that thing is actual fact. Which, you know, for me it’s a challenging thing to do. Like to rap that long and every single bar is like actual fact.”

Check out the entire segment below and let us know your thoughts on Ari Melber’s breakdown of Jay-Z’s “GOD DID” verse and if it makes you see the song in a brand-new light in the comments section below.