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16 New York police department officers are being indicted now that they’ve been named in a lengthy corruption case.

Unlike other corruption scandals, the 16 officers are not charged with any criminal masterminding, instead they’re accused of helping friends and family get out of tickets.

Along with the officers, five others will be indicted as part of a lengthy investigation into one officer suspected of having ties to a drug dealer.

A wire tap investigation showed that the officer in question, officer Jose Ramos, was receiving several calls from people asking him to fix their tickets for them.

He and his wife were arrested Thursday.

His lawyer has since released a statement on his incarcerations saying,


>“If he had done any of these things that they say, they would’ve arrested him two months ago. Or two years ago. Why did they let him go to work, then?”

Earlier this week federal prosecutors brought conspiracy charges against five current and three former NYPD officers claiming they were part of a gun-running ring.

That damn NYPD just can’t get right…