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Game Guest Judges ANTM

Rapper Game made a cameo on America’s Next Top Model, Wednesday (October 2). No, not for a performance, the Compton rapper was actually as a guest judge on Tyra Banks’ popular modeling series.

Game admitted that he had some making up to do before appearing on the show after poking fun at Tara Banks’ five-head in his 2005 song, “Higher.”

“I had [my publicist] send over some flowers that said, ‘Sorry about the forehead joke.’ We joked about it but she said she never heard it,” Game told “Her forehead wasn’t that big in real life. It was there, but it wasn’t as big.”

Chuck’s role in the episode involved him helping contestants create music videos to their songs. Game was definitely feeling contestant, Allison’s steelo, remarking, “I’m attracted to her. She got a little, weird, weird, weird, weird, thing, and I’ll keep it. You guys can look from there.

Maybe Jayceon has a future in the modeling business after rapping.