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Webbie Reeancts BET 106 & Park Incident

We never got a real explanation to what Webbie did to get banned from BET’s 106 & Park, so during an interview Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine, Webbie explained his side of the 106 & Park story.

What makes this video interview even more entertaining is that it takes place in Walmart.

In the video below, Webbie begins talking about the situation around the 4:00 mark and at the 7:15 mark he uses a Walmart employee to play Rocsi to help him reenact the incident.

There has to be more to this story than what Webbie’s saying but this is still hilarious.

To make matters worse, Webbie got kicked out of Walmart while discussing 9/11. That video footage is posted below and it’s equally as entertaining as the 106 & Park bit.