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Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer

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The latest Netflix series focusing on the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has received criticism, some coming from relatives of those he murdered who feel “retraumatized” by the project.

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series was released Sept. 21 and it has encountered a wave of mixed reactions, with many expressing their anger and disgust over the way the streaming platform put the series together. Eric Perry, who is related to Errol Lindsey, one of Dahmer’s numerous victims, voiced his displeasure in a post on Twitter: “I’m not telling anyone what to watch, I know true crime media is huge rn, but if you’re actually curious about the victims, my family (the Isbell’s) are pissed about this show. It’s retraumatizing over and over again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”

Perry would continue, saying: “Like recreating my cousin having an emotional breakdown in court in the face of the man who tortured and murdered her brother is WILD. WIIIIIILD.” In an interview with Insider, Lindsey’s sister Rita Isbell spoke of her own displeasure with Murphy and Netflix over the series.

“I was never contacted about the show. I feel like Netflix should’ve asked if we mind or how we felt about making it. They didn’t ask me anything. They just did it.” Isbell, whose gripping courtroom speech to Dahmer is recreated in the series, went on to say that she has felt some hurt over it but that it allows her to talk about what happened with less anger and more perspective.

The series is produced and co-created by Ryan Murphy, who is behind the wildly popular series Glee and American Horror Story. Murphy has faced accusations of crossing the line with his work in AHS before. Evan Peters, who stars as Dahmer, said in a video promo for the series:

“We had one rule going into this from Ryan [Murphy], that it would never be told from Dahmer’s point of view. It’s called ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ but it’s not just him and his backstory: It’s the repercussions, it’s how society and our system failed to stop him multiple times because of racism, homophobia. It’s just a tragic story.” The series also features veteran actress Niecy Nash as Dahmer’s neighbor, Glenda Cleveland.