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Pusha T

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

If we’ve learned anything about Pusha T it’s that he wants all the smoke whether it’s out in these streets or all up in the kitchen, and McDonald’s ’bout to find out they done pissed off the wrong one.

Continuing to beef with Ronald McDonald and the Mickey D’s crew via Arby‘s (hella random), Pusha T has released a new diss track against the burger franchise and he’s cooking them with all the spices he has in his pantry. Taking aim at the hugely popular McRib sandwich (it really does have a cult following), Pusha let off bars against Arby’s competition while praising Arby’s Rib Roast joint saying, “They call me when it’s time to do damage / When the quality ain’t up to my standards / That McRib falls below average, replaced by the country-style Arby’s Rib Sandwich (Wooo!)…”

Looks like Pusha T is still lowkey tight The Clipse never got their justdo over creating McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign jingle back in the day.

According to Hypebeast, Arby’s is looking to knock McDonalds and any other franchise out the box as they look to total fast-food restaurant domination.

We are on a mission to call out weak sandwiches of questionable quality, and there is no other product that can compare to our REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich or is worthy of Pusha T’s praise,” Jim Taylor, President of Arby’s, said in a statement. “We’ve spent years perfecting the intricate smoked rib flavors and are proud to have Pusha remind people why Arby’s has the meats – and smokes the competition.”

“Rap Album of the year. Sandwich of the year. Simple as that — we both give you quality straight from the kitchen!” King Push added. “I love the work I’ve been doing with Arby’s — this time around we have to chef up something different and give everyone quality country inspired merch to go along with the rib sandwich.”

Aside from the diss track, new merchandise featuring Arby’s menu items has dropped and includes a custom Pusha T T-shirt, a jacket with Arby’s Ten Gallon Hat logo, a sandwich bolo tie, a trucker hat and bandana.

Only thing left to wonder now is if McDonalds “takes it there” and hires Drake to clap back at Arby’s for being so disrespectful. Now that’ll be some wild and unexpected beef to throw on the grill.

Check out Pusha T clapping at McDonald’s below and let us know your thoughts on this hilarious situation.