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Heavy traffic on 7th Avenue and Times Square at dusk, New York City, USA

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Things in the streets of New York are getting so wild that even women are getting in on the violence and in Times Square no less.

According to The New York Daily News, six women dressed down in neon green alien jumpsuits pounced on two women who were celebrating a birthday in a Times Square subway station this past Sunday (Oct. 1), and relieved them of their goods. The mother of one of the victims described the unruly group of women as “loud and obnoxious” as they descended the stairs in the subway before the attack went down.

“There were no words exchanged prior,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. “In police footage I’ve seen, you could see that my daughter and her friend were standing on the platform talking and laughing. They bumped my daughter and her friend, like strong-armed them.”

The victims avoided the group and got into a different car, but the women dressed in alien-inspired getups followed, pouring into the train from every entrance.

That’s when the 2 a.m. beatdown occurred and in a video posted on reddit the group of women were shown putting hands and feet on the women and tossed one around like a rag doll. Instead of helping, onlookers recorded the entire incident because, well, it’s New York, b.

After they were done assaulting the two unsuspecting women, the alien squad made off with a cell phone, credit cards and any other items they could take with them.

Her own daughter was home for the weekend from a south Florida university to celebrate her birthday, which she instead spent in a hospital as she was treated for a concussion.

“Because of the head trauma, I couldn’t put her on a flight until I knew there weren’t bleeds on the brain or concussion,” the mother said.

This is just a sad situation all around. Police are currently looking for the women involved in the assault but given that they were all wearing masks, it’s going to be quite the task to get any leads on the incident.

“They’re dressed in green in the middle of Times Square and commit such a heinous crime and think nobody knows who you are,” she scoffed. “Whatever they have coming, they deserve.”

Be wary of groups of women dressed as aliens out in New York City, b…