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DMX appeared on “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers,”  where he opend up about being abused as a child by his mother and talked about how he punishes his ten children today.

“It got pretty bad…there was plenty of days I couldn’t sit down at school. She used to have these three extension chords that she braided together. Sometimes we would get it with that. THAT was rough!”

DMX, who’s fathered 10 children, also revealed that he does indeed discipline his own kids with a belt but not to the extreme that he received when he was a kid.

“You don’t really have to beat them. That one time…smack them on the a__ with a belt a couple of times and they’ll get the point. It was not continual beating. Anybody you’ve got to beat over and over again, evidently it’s not working.”

He continued,

“Yeah. That’s why I talk to my kids first. I sit them down and explain to them what they did wrong. If I see that they are genuinely remorseful about the situation, then I’ll let it go.”

You can peep the interview below and let us know what you think in DMX’s parenting.