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After years of complaints and cries from the sneaker community, it looks like Nike is finally taking a stand against resellers and sneaker bots.

According to Highsnobiety, Nike put out a statement informing everyone that they would be taking steps to keep customers from buying their products solely for the purpose of flipping them on the secondary market for profit. In the statement, Nike bluntly stated that if they come to the conclusion that any customer is purchasing sneakers simply to resell them that the company will not only “suspend the applications of any NIKE policy” but will also cancel orders, decline to issue refunds, close any account and even ban them from any NIKE store.

That’s good and all, but how will Nike determine who’s a reseller and who isn’t? If they haven’t been able to spot bots up until now, how will they do so going forward?

That being said, how can we take them seriously when people like Marcus Jordan were caught redhanded reselling the “Freeze Out” Air Jordan 1’s that were exclusive to his Trophy Room store only to resellers like Benjamin Kickz? They didn’t suspend his contract with them (obviously because of who his father is) and are even collaborating on more Air Jordans with him.

Nike already has the names of the games biggest resellers and they’re still thriving.

Regardless y’all know Nike will be making examples out of a few people out there at some point (heck, maybe even me for talking sh*t about them), but until that happens we’ve all been put on notice. Resell their sneakers at your own risk because if they feel like you’re out there getting rich on their products, you’re ’bout to get banned, b.

What do y’all think of Nike’s latest initiative to curb sneaker resellers? Let us know in the comments section below.