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Source: EBAY / eBay

If you thought aftermarket sneaker resale sites would pass on selling adidas Yeezys despite Kanye West going full antisemite, you thought wrong. Clearly, there is just too much money to be made.

With adidas saying it has cut ties and Foot Locker even going as far as removing Yeezy kicks from sales floors, it’s a matter of supply and demand. So the price of even those Yeezy bricks is going up—and you’ll surely find them on spots like StockX or eBay at premium prices—if you have no shame in rocking that guy’s footwear.

Reports TMZ:

We’ve spoken with several people at some of the resale industry’s biggest sites who all tell us the same thing — Yeezys are about to go way up in value. We’re told this will happen as supply for the shoes continue to dwindle now that Adidas has cut the cord.

Our sources say resale sites and the sellers obviously have a big motivating factor — profit — and that’s what Yeezys bring to the market.

Recently, a former Ye fan burned thousands of dollars worth of his deadstock Yeezys to make a point. Dude, you already paid for them, though.

As for the future of Yeezy sneakers moving forward, Ye allegedly getting booted from the Skechers main office for trying to roll up without an appointment is a bad sign. Maybe Lugz is looking for spokespeople?