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“Even as a man I felt like it should steal on him right now, I’m just going to steal on him and I don’t care what happens.  I’m bout to PUNCH him.”

It’s hard for certain fans to see images of an icon shattered when news begins to stir about their actual self behind closed doors.  The camera’s puts on an image that creates a hero, but in the end, they are human beings that are just like any other person on this earth.

As news of infidelity and a marriage falling apart, the legend of basketball star Michael Jordan seemed to be showing some cracks as it was hard to accept that Your Mighty Airness, yea the one that was in Space Jam, was capable of doing wrong to anyone.

While at a Michael Jordan party, rapper Chamillionaire dealt with the ultimate disrespect that a man can give to another man.  Shooting out to his Vlog, he gave his personal account of what went down from something as simple as trying to get a picture with Jordan.

“Aw hell nah, I ain’t taking no pictures with no ni**as.”

Stating that he expected a response like that, maybe not as harsh, he further went in how he had been at a Reggie Bush event where he was part of an auction and paid $7,000 for a Michael Jordan jersey.  According to Chamillionaire, Jordan didn’t seem to care and gave another harsh response.

“You know what, I’ll tell you what?  You pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you.”

According to the rapper, he didn’t come off to the basketball star in any harsh way, but that was the way he was received.  Although he had heard tales of Jordan being a mean guy, to say it nicely, he chose not to believe until he had to experience it firsthand.

The rapper’s world must have started spinning for two reasons.  One, as a man, it’s pretty hard to deal with someone coming at them in such a manner without feeling the need to lash out.  Pride is a helluva thing.

“Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, those were the biggest icons I ever had…Michael was just a big disappointment.”

Secondly, as a fan, no person can describe how it feels to have such an event take place and be the fault of someone that they looked up to, but athletics and music starts truly have two faces.

Well, when all else fails just remember the fact that Jordan was a victim of broken ankles when he decided to come back and was toppled by Allen Iverson.  That’s reality for you.