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“I meant for it to be a little harder and what I fell in love with about Hip-Hop and within Hip-Hop…”

As Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson gears up for his fourth studio album release, there has been some resistance towards the rapper as it relates to his ability to bring himself back on top of music.

When the cage was opened and “Baby By Me” with Ne-Yo was announced as the single for the approaching Before I Self Destruct, some may look at it and think that the same formula is coming once again from the New York native so anticipation may not be as high.

While speaking to MTV during the video shoot, Jackson stated that this body of work will in fact be a return to form and it will be as if the world will step back into the build up before 2003.

Before I Self Destruct is absolutely harder than Get Rich or Die Tryin’ or other projects in between. The Massacre had some real aggressive content on it, but there were other things I wanted to do, like ‘Ryder Music,’ ‘Baltimore Love Thing,’ ‘Build You Up,’ featuring Jamie Foxx. This project [Before I Self Destruct], I kept all of those things out of it. I just made it what I wanted it to be.”

The roar of the world has since been brought to a mild meow as it relates to expectations for 50 Cent.  Fans just don’t seem to be riding with the rapper anymore after The Massacre dropped and the results have trickled down to those around him in G-Unit.

Raekwon proved with his latest sequel that there’s nothing wrong with going with the original formula instead of completely reinventing the wheel and stepping outside what made him blow in the first place.

In order to move forward, it is sometimes necessary to go back to the beginning and revamp the passion that was there from the start.  As the money continues to grow, it can become hard for artists to maintain their initial motivation when it pays to go with what makes cents.

November 23 is but a month away.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.