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Looks like an unexpected beef has been cooked up as NBA YoungBoy and Bobby Shmurda have been ribbing each other for the past few days and truth be told, we don’t have the appetite for this one.

Things began when Bobby’s righthand man, Rowdy Rebel appeared on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion and spoke on the killing of King Von, questioning why the parties involved couldn’t have had a more peaceful resolution to the drama. Being that Von’s killer was associated with NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo, NBA took to social media and referred to Rowdy as “irrelevant” and told him to “mind yo business.”

Things just took off from there. After Bobby made a comment that NBA and Quando need to stop taking credit for the work that their homies put in, NBA YB took to social media and went off on both Bobby and Rowdy while also saying he doesn’t want things to escalate saying “You n*ggas irrelevant and I said what I said. You n*ggas need a n*gga like me to keep you going,” before ultimately ending it with “I don’t want no problems with you n*ggas, man. Stay the f*ck out my way or get dang, man. Stop the violence like I said, man.”

Naturally, Bobby Shmurda caught wind of NBA’s post and went on his own IG Live to respond himself saying he’s a grown man and that “Any n*gga I catch like Wack [100], y’all can record this, I’m going to boom them on camera. On parole? I don’t give a f*ck. I’m gonna boom one of y’all n*ggas on camera. On my dead grandmother, n*gga. The f*ck is wrong with y’all n****s?”

Not one to back down, NBA went back on social media and laughed off Bobby’s threats saying “You ain’t gonna touch me… I got security, man” before saying “Let’s be friends, man.”

Apparently the drama was enough to get Bobby in some hot water with his parole officer and Roc Nation as he went back on his page and said he don’t want “no problems” and pleaded with everyone to let him live his life without any more prison time.

Still, Bobby wasn’t exactly done with the beef just yet. Touching on NBA calling him a “slave,” Shmurda turned the focus on NBA’s label situation with Atlantic Records and called him the “biggest slave in the game” as Bobby himself is an independent artist at the moment. “He’s a slave to them, so they’re gonna go crazy for [the] boy. All the sh*t y’all see on YouTube is fake views.” Shmurda even suggested that NBA’s label is paying $2,000 to radio stations just to get his songs in circulation.

Ultimately it led to Bobby revealing some DM’s between himself and YoungBoy in which comes after many of the posts were deleted and NBA seemingly deactivated his page.

This just gets weirder and weirder.

For the sake of Hip-Hop and the families involved, we hope the men can hash this thing out and keep it moving as we don’t need more violence out in these streets especially given the absurd amount of rappers we’ve lost to gun violence over the last few years. Both men are successful and living their best lives. Let’s hope they keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

What do y’all think of this unforeseen beef between Bobby Shmurda and NBA YoungBoy. Let us know in the comment section below.