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Phony Stark, aka Elon Musk, is flexing his power as Chief Twit. Twitter has banned accounts that tracked his and other billionaires’ private jets.

Spotted on CNBC, Twitter has suspended the account dedicated to tracking Elon Musk’s private jet.

The account @ElonJet had half a million followers and was created by Florida college student Jack Sweeney who describes himself as a fan of Musk and SpaceX, the billionaires’ other company. He claims his fandom as his reason for creating the account.

He even claims his dream car is a Tesla, this poor guy.

Sweeney used publicly available flight data to track where the bored billionaire was going on the account until it was suspended Wednesday morning.

“Well it appears @ElonJet is suspended,” Sweeney tweeted on Wednesday. He told Twitter users to follow him on other platforms.

In another tweet, Sweeney confirmed another account dedicated to tracking company jets belonging to SpaceX was suspended.

The suspensions didn’t stop there because his personal account was clipped shortly after. “This is coordinated and Elon is well aware I’m sure,” he tweeted before his account was deleted.

In a tweet, Musk announced the sudden rule changes that real-time posting of another person’s location violates Twitter’s doxxing policy. In contrast, “delayed posting of locations are ok.”

Elon Musk Was Singing A Different Tune Earlier

The change is a significant about-face after the “champion of free speech” said he would not ban the plane tracking account in a tweet he shared in November. 

Sweeney also directed attention to a thread of tweets on Dec.10 to back his claim that his account was shadowbanned, limiting his account’s reach.

He also claims an employee sent him a screenshot of the vice president of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council asking “asking to place heavy visibility filtering on @ElonJet,” CNBC reports. That same council no longer exists.

In another tweet on Dec.12, Sweeney said the @ElonJet account appeared to no longer to be hidden “in any way.” The account’s suspension came as a surprise to Sweeney because Musk said he wouldn’t take action against the account.

Sweeney says Elon Musk also offered him $5,000 to take down the account because it was a safety risk.

Sweeny also has other accounts that follow private jets belonging to Bill Gates, former President Donald Trump, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, also suspended.

Musk is currently reinstating accounts of a known white nationalist and January 6 insurrectionist, plus our racist former president Donald Trump.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty