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Months after a Notorious B.I.G. mural was defaced in Brooklyn (damn player haters), a mural dedicated to the memory of Pop Smoke has suffered the same fate in his hometown of Brooklyn as well.

The mural which is located in Pop Smoke’s old stomping grounds of Canarsie, Brooklyn, was found violated as someone wrote “Woo K” next to the original piece. Though it’s not known why someone would write that next to the mural, some feel that “Woo K” may mean “Woo Killer” which at this point is open to interpretation as to whether it’s a sign of respect or disrespect.

As of right now, no one’s claimed credit for the tagging of the mural (probably not the best idea to do to be honest), but fans of the late rapper aren’t impressed with the sentiment as the man who posted the pic wrote “Word to my dead yall niccas are mad childish like wtf.”

The mural originally went up back in July 2020 courtesy of Hattas Public Murals who threw it up five months after the murder of “The Woo” rapper in LA.

What do y’all think of the defacement of the Pop Smoke mural? Someone showing love or simply hating? Let us know in the comments section below.