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Big Boi & Fabolous Talk ‘Words With Friends’

For rappers, having a way with words should be a requirement. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Fabolous and Big Boi are self professed fiends for the Scrabble based iPhone app ‘Words With With Friends.’ GQ caught up with the two MCs two discuss their love of the game.Surprisingly, Big Boi never played Scrabble while Fab got put on to the game by one of his engineers. As for ‘Words With Friends,’ Big Boi got hooked thanks to his significant other. “I started playing ’cause my wife was on it,” said one half of OutKast. “Her and her friends, they were playing the game on the phone all the time. I was like, ‘What the f**k is this?’ They said, ‘Just start playing, you’ll get into it.’ So then we started playing for a $100 a game. When we started she’d kick my A$$. She can’t beat me no more.”

As for Fab, the aforementioned engineer named Scribble (no, really) introduced him to ‘Words With Friends.’ “I think I just started from that same engineer who brought it into my studio,” said Fabolous. “Then it advanced to the phone, and he started having it on his phone, and we could play each other on the phones.”

The two rappers talked strategy, whether or not rappers make better players and suggestions to improve the game. But, they spent the most time taking cheaters to task.

“I lost a little love for it because of that. I only do a small circle of friends now, friends who don’t cheat,” said Fab. “I used to grab names off of Twitter. If I’m bored or whatever, I’d get people on Twitter. Now, I didn’t even know about the cheat apps. I knew that a few people I used to whip they A$$ all the time, they got a little better. I didn’t know why! I thought they just got better over time. Certain people even came up to me and said ‘Yo, I got better. Let me play you.’ The cheat apps spoiled it.”

“What’s the whole purpose of doing that s**t?,” added Big Boi. “You don’t know your real skill level. You beat me? Nah, motherf**ka, the computer beat me.”