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Police: Witnesses Are Saying Slim Dunkin Was Murdered Over Candy


In the latest Police Report, Homicide Detective David Quinn stated:

The victim, Mario Hamilton, known as Slim Dunkin,….according to witnesses, someone came into this room, struck him and a fight ensued. The information we’re getting, it’s unconfirmed, but witnesses are saying this whole thing started over a piece of candy….

While murder is never an easy crime to understand, the reasons behind this one make it all the more difficult.  The police are saying that there was an argument, which led to a fight, and being that Dunkin (who stands 6’8) was bigger than his attacker, was the reason behind the usage of the firearm.

The reason for there being a lack of suspects, is said to be because at the time of the incident, the witnesses rushed Dunkin to the hospital, rather than inform the police.  The cops arrived at the hospital where Dunkin was driven, and about 90 minutes later, at the crime scene.  Upon their arrival, all of the witnesses had already dispersed, which leaves the gaping hole in the case.

Losing someone is never easy to deal with, and with this coming around the Holiday’s, I can only imagine what his family and friends are going through.  Let’s hope this situation can come to a close soon, to place all of the grieving parties at ease, just a little.