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Bizarre of D12 Gets Nicki Minaj Tattoo


A while back we ran a story on Bizarre stalking Nicki Minaj. If that video wasn’t enough confirmation of his “Love” for the 1st Lady of Young Money, a tattoo of Nicki’s face should make his obsession very clear.  In the video we see Bizarre speak on his admiration of Nicki, and then says he wants to prove how much he loves her, by getting the tattoo.


I’m not quite sure how Nicki will receive all of Bizarre’s sentiments, but what happens when/if Bizarre becomes involved with a different female? But then again, couldn’t the same be said about Drake getting a tattoo in remembrance of Aaliyah? The past couple weeks we’ve seen fans get tattoos showing their loyalty to both Drake and Lil Boosie, so maybe this Nicki Minaj tattoo shouldn’t be that surprising.

Peep the video.