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Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t – Young Jeezy & Common


The first week sales are in and Young Jeezy’s TM103: A Hustler’s Ambition debuted at #3, registering 232,938 units sold according to  SoundScan. Meanwhile Common, who’s been in the Hip-Hop headlines for feuding with Drake, as well as disappointing Maya Angelou, debuted at #9 with 69,000 units sold.

Many critics seemingly wrote Jeezy off, but he’s proven the doubters wrong once again. Accompanying his album was a documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and an abundance of Radio & Street Promo. In his 3 part series with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson, he got into what exactly TM103 meant to him, and what he’s gone through to complete it. The successful debut is a testament to his perseverance and relentless drive to be great. Salute.As for Common, while the initial sales may not reflect the ideal target, he’s also put a lot of ground work into this album, The Dreamer, The Believer, including a web series breaking down the entire project. track by track. However, Common’s hard work didn’t necessarily keep him from avoiding controversy.

But a good that may come out of The Dreamer, The Believer, may be a joint album with Nas. Hip-Hop can only hope this project comes to fruition.