Snoop Was Once A Hater?


“When you’re wrong, you’re supposed to admit that you’re wrong.”

Snoop Dogg is an artist that has never has an issue with broadening his creativity within his music.  From Death Row to No Limit to his own, the rapper has seen himself within many circles and has been able to provide a universal sound with his music.

With “Sexual Eruption” and Ego Trippin’, Snoop showed that his years in the game have given him permission to experiment and go all out with his music, no matter how others may choose to perceive it. 

The new age of music has brought about new rappers that have been given heavy pressure to carry the torch once the veterans finally hang up the mic.  For the most part, people are more willing to hate on something before they congratulate someone for their success.

Snoop was able to man up and states that he too was one of those doubters that fell into the pit of hate.  Speaking with Rasha Entertainment, the West Coast vet admitted that he has committed wrongs and has acknowledged them.

“I didn’t understand their music and didn’t really have any inside on their hustle and their struggle so I immediately started to knock them ni**as instead of respecting their hustle.” 

Citing rappers such as Crooked I and Souja Boy, the rapper stated he initially disregarded them in the game, but soon grew to liking them once he actually listened and remembered his own days on the come up.  He has since reconciled his differences with the two and even worked with them musically for their upcoming releases. 

Referring to most artists as his nephew, the Doggfather was able to realize that he wasn’t being the role model that he should have been with particular artists that he may not have vibed with in regards to their music. 

Too many have fallen into the same trap where they discredit other artists instead of trying to comprehend the method to their madness and even throwing in some words of advice.

“I’m Uncle Snoop.  If I’m your uncle, I’m supposed to respect you as my nephew and hear you out, even if I don’t like what you’re saying I’m still suppose to encourage you.  That’s when I went into my encouragement stage.”

Hate has become an epidemic spreading throughout the Hip-Hop community as well as the Black community itself.  Everyone in this world is here to ensure their own survival and will go through any means to make that possible.  Whether people accept it or not, everyone should respect others as they establish their own lane.

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