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The Top 10 New School MCs


Hip-Hop is constantly progressing, with older MCs falling by the wayside, while new, hungry talent enter the game. The shelf life of most artists is extremely limited, but there are always a crop of fresh faced rappers with the potential to have lasting careers. The criteria for this list boils down to which ‘New School MCs’—limited to artists with only one proper album, at most, to their credit—have the potential to become rap superstars. So before you fail to comprehend, an artist like Drake was disqualified since Take Care was his sophomore album.

That said, the following ten artists, in no particular order, combine different amounts of rhyme talents, social media savvy, charisma and other nuanced factors essential to making a lasting mark in the rap game.

Think about how many rappers were can’t miss prospects, that dropped an album or two and vanished. Now realize how few actually are still rocking with respect.


Did your favorite new jack MC make the cut? If not, feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments. Click the #s below.

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