Jon Connor is a product of the Flint, Michigan music scene, making his debut in 2005 with his mixtape The Calling Pt 1. A year later he followed up with Everybody Hates Connor, a cocky-toned effort chock full of industry beats, proceeded by The Calling Pt 2 and Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase: Season One.

Connor showed major growth, with a more polished sound on his 2011 mixtape Season 2. Described by The Smoking Section as “exhibits of raw lyricism,” the emerging artist continued his theme of personal narratives.

Describing himself as a mirror to the hood, Connor keeps the public interest by consistently producing earnest storytelling. The MC has had some fortuitous moments in his career, sharing the stage early-on with the likes of KRS-ONE to getting a co-sign from Busta Rhymes, but his mark in Hip-Hop isn’t contingent on these short-lived peeks at fame.

Jon Connor’s vivid storytelling and street chronicles bypass the fraudulent flossing of the drug game by most MCs, but hits more home with detailed epics of losing his father to drug addiction and seeing friends murdered at close range.

Not one to conform to “hipster” labels or pressures of pop influenced music, Connor is able to win listeners over by making music that is inspired by reality. The ambition, struggle, and determination in his music speak more volumes than talk of the Hollywood lifestyle that seems far off and nearly unattainable to so many people.

Right now Connor walks with the people and has amassed a loyal following but as he continues to uplift the hood with his motivational and reality driven rhymes, he’ll soon lead.


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