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Mama Jones Stands Behind Olivia, Yandy Twitter Beef 


One thing that Love & Hip Hop viewers have learned about Mama Jones is that when it comes to beef, she doesn’t mince words. The outspoken mother of Jim Jones responded to her latest rift with cast members Olivia Longott and Yandy Smith, which started on Twitter but has escalated into a full grown disagreement.

In an interview withTrey White of Q 93.3 in New Orleans, Mama Jones stood behind her explosive comments towards Longott, who she called the “puff, puff pass” of G-Unit. “I think she’s very rude and disrespectful,” she said. She also brought up Longott’s issues with her own mother, which the singer has been open about on the show. “She’s mad because she and her mother don’t have no type of realtionship so she feels she can take it out on other people’s mothers. I’m not the one. I don’t have time for the bullcrap.”

On the plus side, Mama Jones said her problems with Longott will not affect her relationship with her soon-to-be daughter in-law, Chrissy Lampkin. As for Smith, her son’s former manager, Mama Jones is not too fond of her either. This season Smith has found herself in the middle of more than a few scuffles between co-stars Kimbella Vanderhee and Erica Mena, and even got into it with Lampkin—but escaped before things got physical.

“I don’t like what she did and what she said,” said Mama Jone. “Her and Chrissy got into it [on the show] because you know what, Yandy is doing too much. You’re supposed to be somebody’s manager, you’re part should be playing the part for them seeing you managing somebody. Not you involved in everybody’s business. Sit yo a– down!”

Although Smith and Mama Jones were once close, it appears she has been officially extracated from the Jones family circle. “Like I said, I feel she’s doing a bit too much. I have my love for Yandy but she need her a– whopped too.”

One thing is for sure, all these problems will provide for some great material for season three.