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Famu Cheerleader -COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 23 MD Eastern Shore at FAMU

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Look, Florida A&M University’s basketball team might not have had one of its best seasons, which the Rattlers finished with a 7-22 record, but one thing the ballers at FAMU have going for them is a cheerleader who DGAF that she’s hyping up a losing team—she’s still going to talk all the trash and put on for her school. 

According to Blavity, the Rattlers cheerleader with the slick tongue who clearly doesn’t care how anyone feels about it is FAMU senior Nailah Clarington, who will be graduating soon, meaning FAMU might be down one diehard sh*t-talker who can rival any Black family sitting around the Spade’s table. (If you can thrive in that environment, you’re an official trash-talk blackbelt to be revered by anyone who wishes to avoid getting roasted beyond recognition.

“Messiah, yo coach says you suck. That was his words. Take him out of the game, coach,” Clarington can be heard shouting from the sideline. She could also be heard telling the referee they don’t need to let people talk to them any old kind of waywhile definitely planning to keep talking to folks any old kind of way.

She also questioned the refs’ calls and shouted, “He’s not a shooter!” at multiple players from the opposing team, who were, apparently, not shooters.

Suffice it to say, the fine folks on Twitter were amused and appreciative of Nailah’s energy.


Clarington clearly won herself a lot of fans—and possibly a career as a sports broadcaster. Stephen A. Smith better watch out.


Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty