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Chlöe Bailey spoke about her upcoming album, her viral role in Donald Glover’s latest series, and more in a recent interview.

Singer and actress Chlöe Bailey has been the source of heavy buzz recently thanks to her recent role on Swarm, the new Prime Video series from Donald Glover, and her solo album In Pieces. She appeared as the latest guest on Big Boy’s Neighborhood to talk about everything in her usual straightforward and honest manner.

The conversation quickly turned to that viral scene from the show, where in the first few minutes of the first episode, her character Marissa is shown having sex with her boyfriend Khalid (Damson Idris) as her sister Dre (Dominique Fishback) is watching through the open door. That scene would become viral with some expressing surprise and others criticizing Bailey for being in such a provocative scene.

“I’m an actress. I was doing my job and I think people gotta kinda remember I’m an adult and I’m an artist,” Chlöe said. “Nothing was seen that they haven’t seen from me. You didn’t see nipple, you didn’t see there, nothing.” Big Boy asked if she felt that Idris received the same level of backlash. “I don’t think so because he’s a man,” she replied. “Oh, the fellas get the high fives,” Big Boy responded.

Bailey continued, “Because I’m an actress I’m not reading it as Chlöe is about to do a sex scene. I’m reading it as Marissa is in this scene and her sister is watching. That’s what people are forgetting. It’s about the tension between Damson and Dom who did incredible acting in this show and I was just seen in the reflection for two seconds.”

She also spoke about the process of creating her first solo album, which will be released on Friday (March 31st). She also addressed the controversy over her duet with Chris Brown, “How Does It Feel?”, given his past history of violence against Rihanna. “I just let the music speak for itself,” Chlöe said. “Once the song came out, people enjoyed it. That’s what I just continue to do.”

Chlöe also spoke about her relationship with her sister Halle and joked about borrowing some outfits from her godmother. “Oh man, they told me on the album cover that that’s her dress”, Big Boy responded, sending the room into laughter.

Check out the entire interview below.

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