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Press Junket For Bravo's "SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B"

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The six-part limited series SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B was intended to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the legendary groups and their planning of a joint tour. However, the family drama between sisters Tamika and LaTocha Scott has dominated the show—something which LaTocha has accused her sister of doing on purpose. 

But, the tables have turned as Tamika dropped a bombshell YouTube video full of receipts that she says backs up the accusation that LaTocha and her husband/manager Rocky Bivens stole $30,000 in music royalties that she was owed. 

Tamika made the accusation in the explosive first episode and LaTocha immediately denied it both on the series and in interviews. According to Blavity, Rocky also told blogger Tasha K that there was “no way” that he could have taken the money due to Tamika which would have been earned through licensing agreements. 

Tamika finally decided to clear her name with an 18-minute video titled “Just Some Of The Evidence…” In the video, she says that she will not discuss the matter further, saying, “I don’t want to do this,” but said that her sister has been online “crying.” 

The video features excerpts of Rocky’s interview with Tasha K (who herself owes Cardi B more than $4 million) where he accuses not only his sister-in-law but Kandi Burress’s husband, Todd. The footage also includes threatening text messages of extortion from an unknown number–the same threats that Rocky is making in the Tasha K interview. 

In the video, Tamika adds that for years she has protected her sister and Rocky because she wanted a “family.” However, it is apparent in the video that she has been gathering her receipts for years. In one clip, she sits down with Tiny’s mom who helped the group members get the payments and she vouches for Tamika noting that the checks were sent to LaTocha and Rocky under the guise of being Tamika’s manager–even allegedly changing paperwork. 

Tamika adds that the only way she could have gotten the money back was if she prosecuted her sister and brother-in-law something that she said she would not do. 

To add to the chaos of the situation, LaTocha recently released a gospel single called “Stay With Me,” which dropped during the premiere of the show. Per Vibe, she released a statement about the song saying, “The video concept is a live performance of me renewing my vows to God asking him to continue to stay with me. I wanted the video to be a live performance because that is what I am most comfortable with and I feel like that is where I connect with my fans the most.”

There are currently two more episodes of Queens of R&B left. The most recent episode found the two beloved groups arguing over who would be the headliner of the tour (if it even happens.) 

SWV & Escape Queens of R&B drops new episodes every Monday on Peacock. 


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