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Travis Scott - Astroworld Festival 2019

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Digital

Travis Scott has one less problem to worry about. The Texas rapper has settled his recent case where he apparently raised hell at a nightclub.

As spotted on TMZ the Houston, Texas native has cashed out on a looming legal issue. The celebrity gossip outlet reports that last week he settled his dispute with the staff at Nebula in New York City. Back on March 1 he and his crew were performing a surprise set at the hot spot but were not doing the best job with the audio. Their resident engineer says he went to the rapper and suggested he lower the volume so the sound could be better heard during the performance.

The man, who will only identify himself as Mark, spoke to FOX 5 and gave his side on what occurred. “I was trying to tell him to lower it so it sounded good for the performance,” he explained. “But he just stuck his middle finger in my face, so I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me.” He went on to say that the volume was so high “it was distorting the sound system.”

TMZ claims a source with “direct knowledge” of the situation says that Cactus Jack has settled the issue with the venue and “Mr. Mark”. It is unclear how much he had to pay but it should be noted that he also damaged some audio equipment which is estimated to be worth at least $12,000.00. The New York Police Department has confirmed this is still an open case but did admit that the victim has stopped cooperating.

Travis Scott has not commented on the matter.

Photo: Kevin Rawls