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“The more that you are aware of your fate, the higher the probability that you have the chance to live.”

While plugging his upcoming release, Before I Self Destruct, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has also been busy promoting his latest piece of literature, The 50th Law

Initially dubbed to be a Hip-Hop bible, the literary work revolves around the theme of fearfulness as the back cover says nihil temendum est, which means fear nothing.  Taking pages out of his own life and experiences he has gone through, the book provides factors of doing away with fear. 

Upon release, The Village Voice critiqued and wrote that, “This book will change your life.  It will shoot you nine times with bullets of pure wisdom.”

Speaking with Evan Davis, Jackson gave more into the idea of fear and how fear is a mentality which will see a person sink every time they try to swim because their own hesitance and lack of confidence creates a window for someone else to take advantage of a situation.

“We even brought it down to the perspective of a person that’s in a staff meeting that is watching another person answer a question that they know the answer to.  That means that that person deserves to be ahead of you in life because your fear of being wrong at that point is not allowing you to create your value in that work space.”

Stating that his mother’s death is by far the most traumatic experience that he has had to endure, fear has left his mentality and he is free when it comes to being in business situations or in life.  Adding that he weighs issues with his biggest loss, his mother, the worst possible scenario will not amount to that loss and he will be in a safe space to engage without having fear that he may be wrong.  

Touching on his past and things that he had to do while hustling, the rapper/author holds that experience, even if it’s bad, helps to mold the person that stands presently.

“The things that you go through make you who you are so I don’t regret those things because I don’t think I would be who I am today if I wasn’t exposed to those situations.  Those are unfortunate situations that I’ve had to experience and if I had a choice to go in a completely different direction, I might have gone to the school for business instead of having to go through this portion of my life.”

Although Jackson is known mostly for bullying other artists, he must be commended for his ability to not be fearful of the outcome.  It is once you embrace fear and the potential of being defeated when a person truly loses in life.