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Bryan “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams appeared in court earlier this week, facing a lawsuit from an Atlanta woman who claims she was s*xually assaulted in a recording studio bathroom, reports My Fox Atlanta. Nicole Westmoreland alleges she was being given an opportunity to make a business presentation to the Cash Money label, but was instead “exposed to illegal drugs and explicit s*xual activity” prior to the incident occurring.

The man identified by Westmoreland as the attacker was Alfred Cleveland, an alleged employee of the label at the time. The woman recounted the acts in court:

“I was followed into the restroom, where he bit me on the cheek. I tried to pull his hands down, but he turned me around and pulled my jeans down,” she testified.

Obviously distraught, she is seeking unspecified financial damages after undergoing treatment at a mental health facility as a result of the aleged s*xual assault. The Williams brothers were not involved in the assault itself, but as owners of the label, are being sought as liable parties. Westmorland claims that she was invited to the studio by Baby. However, Baby left the lobby of the studio before the assault occurred.

Westmoreland believes that the Williams brothers had to have known that Alfred Cleveland was a dangerous individual.

Following the incident, Westmorland claims she was offered $100,000 to not report the incident to police in addition to having her life threatened if she didn’t drop the case.

The irony in all of this, is that Cash Money recently signed New Orleans rapper, Mystikal, who was incarcerated for six years due to sexual battery and extortion charges. While Mystikal had no involvement in this situation, it may not bode well for the CEO’s when it comes to them associating with ex-convicts with s*xual offenses on the Cash Money staff. Hopefully, all parties can get this resolved quickly and move towards a positive direction.