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Considered one of Hip-Hop’s most talented representatives, Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) has enjoyed a robust career that has shown little in the way of a slowdown. Rejoining with fellow Brooklyn bomber Talib Kweli under the Black Star group banner, Yasiin Bey is now undertaking a new side musical project called ‘Top 40 Underdog’ with an aim that matches the socially poignant rapper’s flair for the provocative.

Speaking with Hypebeast, Bey revealed the impetus behind his upcoming ‘Top 40 Underdog’ project and what he hopes to achieve as a result of the music, which is simply Bey’s take on modern day rap hits such as the recently released “Ni**gas In Poorest,” a redo of The Throne’s “Ni**as In Paris”

“The tradition, taking someone’s song and making your version of out of it, is not new to hip-hop,” said Bey. “It is similar to dancehall music, where there one rhythm and many artists offer their interpretation of it.”

Bey vaguely revealed some of the themes that will be present on Top 40 Underdog as well. “Regarding the content on the Top 40 Underdog, I cannot open up too much on it, but let’s say it will not be just about reinterpreting or even re-appropriating modern day hits,” shared Bey. “It will deal with a range of various subjects, covering socially conscious and political themes since it is a staple in my life and an expression of who I am.”

Rap fans have been salivating at the news of the Black Star reunion, especially after the well-received, Madlib produced “Fix Up” track. Bey said the album is on the way but fans will need to exercise patience.

“We are in the studio all the time and we will continue putting out songs on a regular basis,” said Bey. “I appreciate the anticipation. Making an album is very time consuming and requires lots of energy. So yea, we are on the road and in the studio and we hope to get it out as soon as possible.”