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Legendary Hip-Hop collective Wu-Tang Clan and their explosion onto the scene in 1993 still stands as one of the unprecedented power moves in Rap. Entering as a nine-man group with all splitting off into solo careers, the Clan has etched their names into rap music lore. However, razor-sharp swordsman Raekwon feels that the splintering may have damaged his team’s legacy.

Speaking candidly with VladTV of his crew’s career arc, the still consistent Raekwon fondly recalls the period of time where he and his fellow Clansmen worked together as a unit. “What I really miss is that energy from my brothers. We were young, we was child stars at that time, but I miss being around ni**as and laughing in the studio and snappin’,” reflected Raekwon. Just every line that come out ni**as, everybody’s head lift up like, ‘Oooh,’ and everybody’s head go down and get back in that pen and pad.”

The bombshell, however, was Rae stating that the Wu might have dulled their potential by having members pursue solo albums. “To me, it just created a force and I’m a tell you something, and I ain’t told nobody this, but I feel like in a way, us doing solo things hurt us [as a crew],” said Raekwon. “It could’ve been more stronger if we knew it had to stay like that. But when we allow each other to do us, some did better than others and when some did better than others, it caused a certain kind of reaction in the whole movement.”

Raekwon continued by saying, “The brand is so big just as a team, it’s like when we did that, it jumped into some ego s**t, which normally happens, but what I’m just trying to say is if we would’ve stayed more tighter, we probably would’ve had about 30 albums right now.”