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Red Bull Dance Your Style Baltimore 2023

Red Bull Dance Your Style concluded last week in Baltimore and Hip-Hop Wired was in town to check out the global competition showcasing some stellar talent from the dance world. Baltimore dancer Queen Stylz emerged as the winner of the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition in her hometown, and we had the pleasure of speaking with her and fellow city native McLovin after the explosive finale.

Red Bull Dance Your Style Baltimore 2023

Red Bull Dance Your Style, an all-styles dance competition that takes place around the world, highlights the variety of dancing in a competitive bracket-style fashion. For the first time, the competition made it to Charm City which has its own rich history in dance by way of Baltimore Club. Queen Stylz and McLovin are both masters of the Baltimore Club style, which focuses on high-energy footwork and infectious kinetic energy.

While there were several locals in the competition, it was beyond fitting that Queen Stylz and McLovin ended up facing each other in the finals. Stylz is a former Queen of Baltimore winner in the Club scene, and McLovin won the King of Baltimore title twice himself. We spoke with the pair ahead of the competition with both of them saluting one another as veterans of the scene. After the conclusion of the battle, an emotional Stylz shared that same passion with us as she did on the dance floor.

“I can’t believe this happened for me because we’ve been grinding so hard in Baltimore and trying to get the respect we deserve,” Stylz said, still riding high after the win after we asked how big the moment was for her. “So many people take from us and our style and to do something like this, I’ve been working for this my whole life.”

During the chat, Stylz shared that she is no stranger to McLovin and was honored to battle not only a compatriot in the dance world but also one of her dearest friends.

“McLovin, I love him so much, he’s really one of my best friends and I wonder if he took it easy on me because we love each other and want the best,” Stylz shared, tears beginning to flow. “He’s been through so much so to see him in front of me…it was so surreal. And let me tell you, I know he can take it to another level and he pushed me out there.”

As our conversation winded down, Stylz ended with a message to all of those not only in her city but to anyone who has big dreams.

“This doesn’t happen too often for people like me, people like us in Baltimore,” Stylz said. “For me, I’m here to show you that if you dream big and work really hard, you can get here. I’m here. And if I made it, you can too.”

Red Bull Dance Your Style Baltimore 2023

McLovin, displaying that same warm and humble spirit showcased in our previous conversation, had nothing but praise for Queen Stylz after coming in second place.

“My cup is full because I just came here to showcase Baltimore Club and our culture of dance,” McLovin began. “I didn’t come here to win although I know it was a competition. I came here to represent my city and to prove something to myself.”

“I don’t see this as a loss, when Stylz won, I won too. I was watching her dance and enjoying her energy like the crowd was. And I still have an opportunity to show my work in the USA Finals in Chicago with someone I truly regard as one of my closest friends. This is for Baltimore and beyond,” McLovin concluded.

Red Bull Dance Your Style Baltimore 2023

The Red Bull Dance Your Style USA Finals will take place on May 20 in Chicago at the Salt Shed. To learn more about the event and to purchase tickets, click here.

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