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While Beanie was busy going off on his former Rocafella associates with that infamous Charlemagne Tha God interview, the Jigga man and his longtime connect and homeboy, Memphis Bleek were conclusively silent. Now Bleek’s responded to the diss and taken to his Twitter to air out his grievances.

On his @MemphisBleek Twitter page, he made his opinion known and took the high road, deciding not to diss his old label mate.

According to him he had no idea Beans was airing him out on the airwaves. Instead he awoke to a flood of phone calls about the incident. Late in the afternoon he tweeted:

“Just waking up my phone going crazy over this Siegel Shyte.”

Bleek also claims that he saw Sigel at the infamous Powerhouse 93 concert in Philly he first took shots at Jay. While he had undeniable issues with the Jigga man, he seemed to have no beef with him.

“I just seen son at power house wasn’t nothing now its something….. I’m lost on that…. Guess that’s how the rap game work….”

One of the most memorable lines in Beanie’s “Average Cat” track is when he snitches that Jay called the cops on him during the Powerhouse show. In the line he takes shots at both Jay and Bleek saying,

“So that’s telling me F-You Sieg/ So F- You Too and F-Bleek 3.”

What’s Bleek’s response to the less than subtle diss? Nothing. He just laughs it off.

“Fu#k bleek 3 haaa that’s a good one.”

While he caught the Beans less than subtle undertones, it’s doubtful that a response track is in the works. Instead Bleek just wants to talk.

“And for the rec….I can’t diss that’s my ni*g we gotta get up an chop it up that’s all..He know me that’s all I could say…”


Good for Bleek.  Somethings just aren’t worth it, like battling it out with an old friend looking for publicity.

I’m just saying….