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Earlier this week Kanye West made political headlines when it was reported that he had re-hired notorious far-right white nationalist, Milo Yiannopolos to be his campaign manager, but now it seems like he’s also in bed with another loathed political figure who hails from the darkest corners of MAGA land.

According to The Daily Beast, Marjorie Taylor Greene is apparently supporting Kanye West’s political ambitions as her credit card is being linked to a transaction between Milo Yiannopoulos and Kanye West. This past November, Yiannopoulos used Greene’s campaign credit card to buy an internet domain for West’s still unannounced Presidential run for which he was reimbursed by the West campaign the same exact day at almost $3,000 above what he spent.

Locking down “” before Kanye has officially announced his 2024 Presidential bid, it seems like some laws might’ve been broken by Milos and company in the name of Yeezus.

The Daily Beast reports:

The receipts match Federal Election Commission filings from both campaigns. Those filings show that on Nov. 22, the Greene campaign reported a $7,020.16 expense to the GoDaddy hosting service for “domain registration and hosting.” That same day, the Kanye 2020 committee reported paying Yiannopoulos $9,955 for “domain transfer.”

Legal experts told The Daily Beast that the transactions raise a number of questions, including about possible theft and conversion of campaign funds to personal use.

While Milos (who used to intern for Marjorie Taylor Greene) used MTG’s campaign credit card to help Kanye’s White House aspirations, it’s unclear if Greene was aware of the transaction or even if Milos had access to the funds. Should it turn out that Greene gave her blessings to Milo for the transaction, that could turn out to be “an excessive and unreported in-kind contribution to his campaign.” On the other hand, if she didn’t know what was going on, Milos “may have committed a range of serious violations—including, potentially, causing Greene’s campaign to file false reports with the government.

Either way, we hope they all get their comeuppance for what they’ve inflicted on this country and society in general with their idiocy, racism, and divisiveness. Yes, that includes Kanye as well.

Yiannopoulos for his part is claiming the entire situation was an error made by a low-level staffer saying, “The truth is a junior staffer made an error with the stored credit cards on a third-party vendor GoDaddy account, picking the one ending 2032 instead of 2002,” the statement said. “The accident was quickly rectified and the correct card charged. I have apologized privately to Marjorie for the mixup.”

Asked on Monday when the payment had been “rectified,” Yiannopoulos would only tell The Daily Beast that “I can tell you that it has been refunded.” If he had refunded the money before March 31, however, that transaction would appear to have gone unreported in the campaign’s FEC filings.

Regardless the whole thing looks hella suspect especially given that Greene is rumored to be trying to establish herself as Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 Presidential election. Why would she want to help Kanye West become his competition come next year? The entire situation is as weird as it can get, but then again everything that goes on in MAGA land seems weird and out of touch with reality. Just sayin.’

Either way we feel like someone’s getting thrown under the bus and if we’ve learned anything from Trump world it’s that they’re quick to shift blame to their closes confidants if that means avoiding fines, prison, or public/political humiliation.