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Nearly two years after he was slapped with murder charges, rapper Lil Boosie is headed to trial this April. The Louisiana native will possibly spend the rest of life behind bars, or face the death penalty, and took to his website to release a letter thanking fans. “First, I want to thank you, all of you for supporting me through these hard times,” he wrote.

On top of murder charges, Boosie was also given an eight-year bid for trying to sneak drugs into two Louisiana prisons, but will serve less than two years of the sentence. “Last month I was sentence[d] to 8 years with credit for time served so I will have to do 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers. To all my fans who write me through J-Pay make sure you put your address so I can respond. Its hard to write every body back but I will try my best to do so.”

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, was serving a four-year sentence for drug and weapons possession when the murder charges came about. He is suspected of putting a hit out on an up-and-coming rapper Chris “Nussie” Jackson, back in 2009. One of Boosie’s associates Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding is the man charged with actually committing the crime. According to prosectors, Louding shot Nussie in the head in retaliation for a verbal disagreement. He has also been charged with murdering five other people.

Since being locked up, Boosie has used his website to not only reach out to the public but dispel rumors, the most recent of which claimed that he had died behind bars. Despite being locked up the rapper is still focused on his music career. His record label, Bad Azz Entertainment, is planning to release a compilation album before the end of the year.