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“Imma be in the streets every day.  Hope you see me before I see you, or its ICU.”

People choose to deal with death in many different ways if they survive an attempt made at their life.  Some choose to change their lifestyle and encourage peace, but others take shots at their life and use it as a means to bite back.

J.R. Writer is the latest to have his life threatened as he was a victim of a shooting October 11 where he was reportedly shot in the leg.  Tweets from Writer and his brother Fred Money confirmed that he had indeed been placed in the hospital.

The shot seemed to have awoken a vengeance for the rapper as he released the track “I’m Alive” as a threat to the shooter of things to come later down the road.  Few forgive, but none forget as the Harlem rapper issues a warning that it’s not over just yet.

“I’m back ASAP/ You put up stacks to get me laid flat/ Well I hope you got your cake back/ N*ggas tried to clean me up, no AJAX/ But them Shytes was straight snacks, tell them that I ain’t that/ Now Imma stay strapped/ Til I find out where you stay at/ Then run down on em like a race track.”

Using his sense of humor to laugh at the shooting, the track allowed him to pump his chest and let everyone know that a soldier doesn’t fall so easily.

“With my head up high/ I ain’t never lie/ You ain’t the movie, Goonies never die/ Let em try, he gon see/ I got some n*ggas scheming on him while he scheme on me.”

Rapper Brisco also used music to vent his feelings after being robbed and retaliated with the track “Revenge” where he stated that he was out for just that.

“Fawk karma, Imma coma that n*gga.”

Revenge is a primal instinct in life as people continue to feel that negativity can place themselves in a positive environment.  Violence only creates more violence and threats can be taken as hot air or they can cause a tailspin of disaster.

“How they want it be, the guys got me mad/ How you wanna be, shot up or stabbed?/ Chopped up and bagged/ Boxed up or tagged/ Dropped an get dragged up the block of the ave/ F*g/ You just woke up a beast/ N*ggas lulled me to sleep/ I just woke up to eat.”

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