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Source: Yeezy Gap / Gap

The GAP has now jumped aboard the sue Kanye West train. Apparently his team made changes to a retail store without approval.

As spotted on TMZ the Chicago, Illinois native just got hit with another lawsuit. This time it is his short lived apparel partner that he severed ties with back last year. Apparently his team at Yeezy leased a property at 1360 E. 6th Street in Los Angeles, California but made several changes to the brick and mortar location that were not permissible as per the lease. Some of the unapproved alterations include constructing an exterior ramp located near the parking lot, making a tunnel in the lot, erecting a wall, uninstalling several ceiling lights and removing three bathrooms. “By making and not repairing or restoring the foregoing alterations of the premises that [West] made without Gap’s participation or approval, [West] breached the strategic agreement and directly and proximately caused Gap to incur expenses to repair and restore the premises” the lawsuit reads.

The property management agency Art City Center has since filed against The GAP and in turn The GAP is seeking Kanye to fit the bill for the damages. The two brands announced a partnership back in June 2020 but things came crashing down when Ye went full antisemite. “Antisemitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values,” Gap said in a statement at the time of the scandal. But to hear Kanye tell it he left the deal on his own accord. “Everyone knows that I’m the leader, I’m the king,” West said during a CNBC interview. A king can’t live in someone else’s castle. A king has to make his own castle.”

Kanye nor a representative from his team has yet to respond to the matter.