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Source: Lightspeed Studios / Level Infinite / Undawn / Will Smith

Will Smith is finally bringing his talents to the world of video games, and if you watched the trailer for this game, you would probably be saying this looks like a movie he starred in.

Don’t feel bad if you never heard of the survival horror RPG Undawn from Lightspeed Studios (PUBG Mobile) and Level Infinite. We haven’t either until Thursday.

A trailer for the game starring Will Smith arrived, and honestly, if it didn’t have the name Undawn attached to it, you probably would have thought it was a first look at a video game based on Smith’s film I Am Legend.

But it’s not. Instead, it’s for the game that was first announced in 2021, and the upcoming mobile title coming to iOS and Android devices plus PC will be his video game debut.

Per Insider Gaming, Smith will “portrays ‘Legendary Survivor,’ Trey Jones, and he’s here to help players survive the intense, ‘shattered world’ of Undawn.”

While his name is Trey Jones in the game, he definitely looks like Robert Neville, the lonely survivor of a vampire/zombie outbreak in I Am Legend, and the only thing missing is his loyal canine companion, Sam.

The website says the game will be free-to-play, which is fantastic and will also feature the following:

  • Base construction and survival mechanics
  • An expansive open-world
  • Vehicular combat
  • Customization elements
  • PvPvE platform

We are sure there will be some form of microtransactions as well.

How Can You Play The Game?

As for a mobile game being Will Smith’s video game debut, that’s a bit disappointing, but the idea of this game doesn’t sound that bad and could be the next mobile gaming addiction.

More than 2.3 million people have pre-registered for the game, and if you want to ensure you’re a part of the action when the game launches on June 15, you can sign up by going here. 

Photo: Lightspeed Studios / Level Infinite / Undawn