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Listen—it’s awkward and embarrassing for anyone the moment their debit or credit card gets declined. Those of us who it has happened to are lucky if it’s only a failed transaction witnessed between the cashier and customer, as opposed to an audience of onlookers waiting behind us in line. At least they’re all strangers who won’t even remember your face five minutes later though, right?

But what if you’re a world-famous person whose credit card got declined during a livestream watched by your millions of followers and it turns into a viral moment across social media?

Well, then you’d be Drake.

From HuffPost:

Over the weekend, the Grammy-winning artist appeared on a special Kick livestream alongside rapper Lil Yachty, whom he tapped to help promote the online casino company Stake.

“Yo, listen, I don’t know who owns Kick, but I know the chat wants to see Yachty go live,” he said during the video before he began donating money to fans. “I’ve been telling him I feel like he can take over Kick. That’s just a little business idea for whoever owns Kick; they need to cut the check for my brother.”

Then the Canadian rapper tried to gift $500 to a fan during the live video, only for his credit card to decline.

“Embarrassing,” Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, said in a high-pitched voice as he tried to brush off the blunder.

“Yeah, what just happened?! Yeah, we’re just not even…” the star added.


Now, obviously, Drake can’t have people out here thinking he’s a secret broke boy masquerading as one of the top-selling and most recognizable Hip Hop artists in the world, so he was quick to let his followers know that the rejected card he used for the transaction wasn’t his personal card. But that really doesn’t matter once Twitter gets ahold of a thing.

And thus, viral comedy ensued.

Of course, there were also plenty of Drake stans who, for whatever reason, felt compelled to rush to the “Hotline Bling” rapper’s defense.

Calm down, guys nobody actually thinks Drake is broke. The moment was just funny because a notably rich guy had his card declined for the world to see and he sounded like he sucked up a full helium balloon before yelping, “Emmmmbbbbarrrasing!”

It was quite embarrassing—and hilarious.