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After years of making waves in the Hip-Hop game, Swizz Beatz is ready to tackle Korean pop music. In a collaboration with O & Media, the lauded producer—who recently made headlines for his alleged ownership in the music sharing site Megaupload—has set out on trek to South Korea to bring K-Pop artists back to to America, and vice versa.

According to Swizzy, K-Pop is an untapped genre that the entire world is finally ready to hear. “I found that Korean Pop Music is a new expression and the world is open to new things,” he said during a press conference in South Korea. “I think that right now K-Pop in Korea is leading in that area. I would love to be that one to introduce that to the West.”

Being that his music has always had a signature sound, what attracted the Bronx native to K-Pop was its uniqueness. Working with the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z and T.I. to name a few, it’s safe to say that Swizz has a refined ear.

“The biggest thing with K-Pop is how much it’s elevated to the next level,” said Swizz. “A genius like Kanye West and others that are smart enough to work with K-Pop groups understand that music is universal. I believe in leadership, I believe in setting the pace. I like to be one of the first.” As he stated, West previously worked with K-Pop group JYJ, appearing on their track “Ayy Girl,” in 2010.

While some K-Pop groups like Wonder Girl and Girls Generation have already begun to crossover, Swizz praised the work of artists like Kara, 2ne1, and BOA, and feels that they will also be able to make the leap into the American music scene.

This latest business venture is just one of the many things that the father of four has on his plate. His other jobs include a partnership with Reebok, designing an art collection, and being named the Vice President of Creative Design and Marketing for the high-end car company Lotus.

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