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Source: Noam Galai / Getty / Doja Cat

Doja Cat somehow beat the showing feet in racist chatroom allegations, but now she has to address locking lips with a problematic influencer.

Paparazzi spotted the “Streets” crafter on a yacht out in Cabo in a tiny bikini, showing off the cakes while cozying up with J. Cyrus, that based on the photos, are a couple.

That sounds harmless, right? Well, J. Cyrus is considered highly problematic according to reporting on Dlisted. The new photos of Cyrus and Doja Cat getting enjoying themselves and each other on the yacht led to old racist tweets and harassment allegations resurfacing.

“i can not even begin to express my disgust with jcyrus. this is so gross. i was friends and mutuals with so many people personally affected by his actions. i was even mutuals and was apart of one of his projects/streams. he is a groomer. he is a manipulator. he’s DISGUSTING,” one Twitter user wrote.

In another headass moment, Cyrus shared a tweet saying you should never give your Black friends Kentucky Fried Chicken or sharing a 2013 vine with the Twitter caption, “black ass white boy.”

Per Dlisted:

Enter the allegations. Apparently, J. came up on Vine, and he was a big deal on the live-streaming service, Twitch. According to one Twitterer in the know, J. “sexually manipulated and lied to his mods and other viewers.” He allegedly did this to around 20 female fans. When confronted with these harassment allegations, J. blocked his accusers.

J. Cyrus Did Apologize For Problematic Behavior

Cyrus did issue a lengthy ass apology void of paragraphs that nobody in their right mind would want to waste a single second reading.

Doja’s fans are trying to save her like the Swifties tried to save Taylor Swift from her now ex-problematic boo. Doja moves to the beat of her drum, so we shall see how this pans out.

Photo: Noam Galai / Getty