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Father’s Day takes place this weekend and it will be replete with Dads getting gifts of all sorts and a much-needed day of appreciation. But while all the meals, drinks, and trinkets are nice, the Canna-Dads crew might need a little assistance and this guide does just the trick.

Similar to our Canna-Moms guide last month, this Father’s Day we’re focusing on the Canna-Dads who like to toke, ingest, or topically apply their cannabis. As most are aware, cannabis boasts a bevy of uses both therapeutic and recreational. Personally, we’re into the science of cannabis and how it can help with issues like ADHD (D.L. suffers greatly from this condition), and depression (Ditto for D.L.).

No matter your reasons for using cannabis, our Canna-Dads guide has a little something for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite below. We certainly have. Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve listed our featured brands in alphabetical order, not preference. Just FYI.

Alchemy Naturals

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Alchemy Natural has a great tagline on its About Us page — “From Mother Nature’s Pharmacy” — and that is an apt descriptor for the brand. They specialize in an array of CBD and THC gummies that address issues regarding sleep, intimacy, stress, and more. Further, the gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and damn tasty. Learn more here.

Alpine Hemp Company

Alpine Hemp Company is an apparel brand that specializes in fully customizable headwear that includes snapbacks, trucker hats, dad hats, and more. Several brands in the cannabis space have products designed by Alpine Hemp. Yours can be next. Learn more here.

Autumn Brands

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Autumn Brands is based in Santa Barbara County, Calif., and their sprawling farm operation proudly touts the fact they do not spray down their flower with nasty chemicals. The end result is pure, unadulterated flower and tinctures for all to enjoy. Learn more here. (Only available in California)

Betty’s Eddies High Energy

2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

Breaking the wall a bit here, I love Betty’s Eddies. They are among the tastiest edibles I’ve had in the cannabis space, if not the best. The fruit chews come in a nice variety but I think the High Energy and their amazing watermelon flavor is primo for a Sativa fan like myself.“- D.L. Learn more here.

Blazy Susan

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

The name Blazy Susan should explain itself. This is a one-stop shop for all the accessories a true cannabis smoker needs. Not only does the Denver, Colo. brand offer premium rolling papers but also some show-stopping rolling trays too. Learn more here.

Bubby’s Baked Brownie Bites

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Bubby’s Baked is all about delivering full-spectrum infusions into their delicious sweet treats. To be clear, these bad boys are perfectly sized for the cannabis neophyte who wants to get into edibles and actually enjoy what they’re eating. We vouch for the Brownie Bites Learn more here.

Caps by Cookies

2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

Cannabis enthusiasts already know that the brand that Berner built, Cookies, is all about top-shelf flower but they’re also in the CBD game too. The Caps offshoot combines mushrooms (not those kinds), terpenes, and cannabinoids for either daytime or nighttime use. We can guarantee that the nighttime version works. Learn more here.


2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

Elements is a cleverly named brand as it incorporates the four elements of nature into its dazzling selection of rolling papers, pipes, and apparel. The rolling papers are especially nice as they’re made with rice paper (which actually isn’t made with rice), making for a smoother toke than most. Learn more here.

Escape Artists

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Escape Artists is all about their topical creams for pain relief, pre-rolls, tinctures, and innovative “flights,” which needs to be more of a thing in the industry. The brand is only available in Colorado, Michigan, and Nevada for now. Learn more here.

G Pen

2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

The great minds behind Grenco Science’s G Pen brand have all the tools for a cannabis gearhead’s dream stash. I’ve been using my G  Pen Dash dry herb vaporizer for almost two years and it’s one of the best tools in my collection. Learn more here.

Higher Standards

2023 420 Gift Guide

Higher Standards is for cannabis connoisseurs who expect quality in the tools they use to deliver their medicine along with products to help keep them safe and operational. The brand’s flagship store also specializes in quality apparel. Learn more here.


2023 420 Gift Guide

Highsman is the creation of former NFL great, Errick Miron, a longtime advocate of cannabis. After leaving the game of football, Miron leaned into the cannabis world offering premium, effects-based strains, apparel, and more. Learn more here. Only available in Washington State and Oregon.

High Variety

2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

High Variety is a rising brand in development that we believe is going to blow the lid off this thing in record time. For now, the brand is only available in Arizona and Utah but they take a lot of the guesswork out of shopping with curated strains for certain needs. Learn more here.

Mountaintop Extracts

2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

New Mexico is called “The Land of Enchantment” for good reason due to its sweeping landscapes and fantastic culture. Mountaintop Extracts, founded in 2012, takes inspiration from the land to deliver a variety of cannabis products from flower to concentrates and everything in between. Learn more here.


2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Founded in 2013, Puffco was designed with the idea of delivering extracts not only with efficiency but also with high style. Seriously, Puffco’s products look like something out of the future. Learn more here.


Shorties specialize in providing mini pre-rolls for those times you just want a little something to get you through the day or evening. Boasting over four dozen strains for whatever mood you’re in, Shorties comes in a convenient package for a quick break from the rigors of life. Learn more here. Only available in the Phoenix, Ariz. metropolitan area for now.

Susan’s Own

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Susan’s Own is one of our favorite CBD brands and the creams, bath bombs, tincture, and gummies are high quality, just as you would expect out of Colorado. Learn more here.

The Flower Shop

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

The Flower Shop is a dispensary overseen company Greta Brandt and has the aim of providing cannabis with women consumers in mind. The LadyLike lineup of vape cartridges and edibles in packaging stands out. Learn more here. Only available in Arizona and Utah.

Tsumo Snacks

The edibles game usually sticks to sweeter treats like chocolates, baked goods, and even infused soft drinks. Tsumo Snacks brings savory snacking back to the forefront in a major way. With collaborations established with Snoop Dogg and Chef Roy Choi, Tsumo Snacks are definitely worth the purchase. Learn more here. Only available in California.


2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

Colorado once again has a winner in the cannabis space with Veritas, a brand that offers premium cuts of flower, potent pre-rolls, apparel, and an accessories and merch line that shouldn’t be missed. Learn more here.


2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

We’ve never seen anything quite like VESSEL in a cannabis brand, and their premium dry herb and vaporizer products are as stylish as they are effective. The brand also has an innovative Helix system that keeps the tokes cool and smooth. They also offer accessories that look and feel far more expensive than the asking price. Learn more here.


2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

Vibations is a cannabis and energy drink dry mix meant to be added to water and provide a boost of superfruit-charged energy. Sounds like it’s time to mix up a glass. Learn more here. It is only available in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico.


VIBES x Berner

Berner’s sprawling Cookies empire extends into the world of rolling papers and apparel. With the focus on flower from the rapper and businessman’s powerhouse brand, it’s only natural for him to get papers to the people. Learn more here.

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