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Since the murder of Derrion Albert, many rappers have weighed in to say that action needs to be taken as the aggression  in the African-American community has escalated.

It was reported earlier that Twista had made a more direct approach by visiting those that were friends of Albert.

With such a heavy influence in the community, it has been in the hands of rap artists to gear these young minds into the right direction and provide positive imagery to show that there is a way to enjoy life without having to resort to violence.

As a Chicago native, rapper Lupe Fiasco recently stepped up to the plate and put it out there that Hip-Hop should take some of the blame.  By promoting such negativity, young listeners only act out what they embrace and the end result has been growing chaos.

Speaking with the Chicago radio station 107.5 WGCI, Fiasco opened up more on how rappers must take notice of what they say.

“Hip-Hop has to take some fault for that.  Just in the fact that the amount of violence and the amount of negativity that’s in Hip-Hop and the music, it attributes to so much that goes on, negatively, in the hood.”

He added that another overlying issue is the fact that positivity is not endorsed as heavily in outlets such as the radio.  Oddly enough, people must not want to be lifted and told that there is a better way.

“It lacks entertainment value.  It lacks a certain kind of hype around it. A certain “coolness” about it.  So it doesn’t fit on the radio.”

As a positive artist that has been able to rap tales outside of promoting drugs, sex, etc, the rapper also holds some weight on his own shoulders and feels that he should have had more presence.

“It’s by example.  I haven’t been exercising my celebrity, in a sense, since I’ve been so laid back.  I kinda feel like it’s my fault because I should have been out there doing more.  I have a message and a certain celebrity and certain popularity and I should be exercising that.  Not saying that Rhyme ain’t doing it.  Not saying that Twista ain’t doing it.  It’s just the more, the better.”

In related news, although Fiasco has been off the radar for some time, the “Cool” one has reemerged and has started leaving damage once again in Hip-Hop.  With no mention on MTVs Hottest MCs List this year, Lupe used his gadget flow to get into grind mode with recent freestyles to show that he is still a factor.

“I knew I wasn’t going to make it.  I just use that as an excuse to go hard.  Just to beat up on em a little bit.  I knew I didn’t have a lot of product out there, but I knew we were setting up to go through this whole Fall and then the top of next year.  We’re just gearing up, all that is starting now.”

With his recent performance, Remember the Smile: A Retrospective of Lupe Fiasco, the engines are pushing into 6th gear as the rapper continues to make a much needed return to the music industry.