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After a long and tedious process, a new Superman has finally been chosen to lead James Gunn’s new and revamped DC cinematic universe, and the choice might surprise you.

According to Deadline, James Gunn handpicked David Corenswet to play the next Man of Steel in his highly-anticipated Superman: Legacy film and also announced that Rachel Brosnahan will be taking on the role of his boo, Lois Lane. Truth be told, the role of Lois Lane could’ve been given to any white woman at this point as comic book fans have been eagerly awaiting to see who would be anointed the next last son of Krypton post-Henry Cavill. Surprisingly enough, Corenswet basically looks like a much younger version of his predecessor.

Y’all know Cavill somewhere right now punching air wishing he was 15 years younger.

Deadline reports:

The decision comes after the two were among the few selected to test in front of DC co-chairs Peter Safran and Gunn (who is directing) in full costume and makeup for the parts.

The tests took place over two days with the men; one of the days saw the three actors in full Superman attire. Sources close to the situation said that each actor had closed test deals that would expire after two business weeks, so clearly all parties wanted this sorted out before a potential SAG-AFTRA strike, which could go into effect at midnight June 30.

Okay, two down and two to go. Now that we know who Superman and Lois Lane will be, rumors have been swirling that Gunn is choosing between brothers, Alexander and Bill Skarsgård to play Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, while Chris Pratt is rumored to be joining the film as Jimmy Olsen. As of now, these are just rumors but truth be told, we wouldn’t be mad at a cast revolving around these four.

Whether or not David Corenswet can fill the big shoes that Henry Cavill left behind (with a single solo Superman movie by the way) remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if hardcore Cavill fans refuse to give the man his props regardless of how good he may turn out to be. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until July 11, 2025 to find out.

What do y’all think of David Corenswet being cast as the next Superman? Let us know in the comments section below.